The renovated Yun Lab in April 2018!

The renovated Yun Lab in April 2018!

Lab Opening Lunch - May 2018

Dinner at Vantage in April 2018

Surprise Jihye with Birthday Cake!

Sep. 2018

Lab dinner at Vietnamese restaurant, Oct. 2018

Lunch at Rice Village, Dec. 2018

Italian Restaurant_Oct. 2019

Watching the Houston Astros in April 2018

Success of First Experiment in Feb. 2018

Lunch at Hungry at April 2018

Outside Minute Maid Park for the Astros Game in April 2018

Lunch at Torchy's Tacos in March 2018

Yun Lab Appreciation Lunch in April 2018

Billiards at Vantage in April 26 (Jordan's farewell party) in 2018

Korean Restaurant_Sep 2019

Korean Restaurant_Sep 2019